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Konami Tells Retailers To Stop Selling New Love Plus

Company says it's looking for a fix to bugs.


A major retailer is reporting via Twitter that Konami has sent out instructions asking that retailers stop selling 3DS girlfriend simulator New Love Plus.

The retailer, national chain Sofmap, says that it will be following Konami's instructions and will even stop handling buyback and used sales for the game until further notice.

It's likely that this move has something to do with some bugs that players discovered following the game's release on Valentine's Day. Konami made official comment about the bugs yesterday, apologizing and saying that it is currently looking for a fix.

While the game does apparently have some general freezing issues, some of the bugs are more specific. The game is supposed to trigger a White Day event for players who received chocolates from their girlfriend on Valentines Day. A bug prevents the White Day event from happening. However, players will still take part in followup events where they will receive additional gifts over the following days.

Visit Konami's FAQ page for additional issues.

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