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Latest Trademarks: Nintendo's Demon Training and Last Ranger, Sony's Lord of Sorcery


Nintendo gave its 3DS Brain Age sequel the code name "Oni Training," or "Demon Training." This may actually be the game's final name, or at least part of it.

Recent trademark filings show that Nintendo registered the names Oni-Tore ("tore" is short form of "training") and Oni Training. In English, it registered "Demon Training."

It should be pointed out that companies often register the code names for games in addition to the full names. This isn't confirmation that Demon Training is the final name of the game... although the new form of Dr. Kawashima suggests that the name would be accurate.

In other trademark news, Nintendo also registered "The Last Ranger," and "Saigo no Youjinbou" (maybe... "Last Bodyguard"). Sony registered "Lord of Sorcery."

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