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One Piece Pirate Musou Closing in on One Million Worldwide Sales


One Piece Pirate Musou became the top selling One Piece game of all time after just one week of sales. It looks like it may soon cross another milestone for the franchise: first million seller.

In an interview that was posted to Nikkei Trendy today, Namco Bandai vice president Shin Unozawa said that the PS3 crossover title has topped the 900,000 mark as of March 15. This figure includes Japan and Asia.

Much of the 900,000 comes from Japan, where the game has claimed the top sales spot two weeks running. Media Create's most recent sales charts show total sales of 745,907 units through March 11.

Unozawa also spoke about Namco Bandai's sales success for older titles. Dark Souls has crossed the 1.6 million mark worldwide. This includes the game's 400,000 Japanese domestic sales (in Japan, the game is published through From Software).

Tales of Xillia topped 760,000 units while Gundam Extreme sold around 600,000 units. Said Unozawa, the PS3 market isn't as strong as the PS2 was back in its day, but the system has established itself.

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