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Square Enix's Gunslinger Stratos Goes on Location Test Next Week


Square Enix's new arcade combat game Gunslinger Stratos may be farther along than thought. The game is scheduled to go on location test in Tokyo and Osaka starting April 4.

Rather than "location test," Square Enix refers to the tests as "beta tests." You'll still have to go to an arcade to try out the game. To play, visit Tokyo Station in Akihabara from April 4 through April 8, Taito Station in Namba (Osaka) from April 11 through April 15, and Adores Sunshine in Ikebukuro from April 18 through April 22.

Each arcade will have eight machines set up. You'll get to try out four on four in-shop network battles, making use of ten selectable characters. Each play will cost you ¥200.

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