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Gust's Secret Game May be Alchemist of Rizengang


Dengeki Online has a photo-filled look at the Dengeki Games Festa that's being held in Akihabara today.

Included in their coverage is a pic of the Gust Secret Book item that's being given to attendees. The "book" contains a code that can be used to download an original custom theme and a PlayView content for your PSP and PS3.

Surge Concerto's Ion says that she wants to meet you. It's okay to be a bit creeped out by her expression.

The PlayView content appears to have first details on Gust's new Atelier series game. This isn't verified, but we've heard some reports that the game is called "Rizengang no Renkinjutsushi," or Alchemist of Rizengang. (In Japanese, in case someone more familiar with the series wants to come up with a better Romanization, the name is: "リーゼンガングの錬金術師"). Apparently, the sneak peak consists of a bit of background music, a preview of the world, and a few bits of real time footage.

All this is very similar to Gust's reveal of Atelier Meruru last year, so we should be getting a teaser video later today followed by a teaser preview in Dengeki PlayStation later this week, then a full reveal in a couple of weeks.

From Dengeki Online. Yes, they're wearing Idolmaster jerseys while playing Idolmaster.

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