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Next Atelier Game Comes to PS3 in June

New character designer for next title. Release planned for June.

An image of Project A14 from the PlayContents preview that was given to attendees of today's Dengeki Games Festa event.

Gust has confirmed its mysterious "Project A14" game to be the next entry in the Atelier series. The game is due for release in June, on PlayStation 3. "Gust" is listed as the game's publisher (in case you were expecting Tecmo Koei to be publisher, since Tecmo Koei now owns Gust).

A few teaser details were shared at the Dengeki Games Festa event in Akihabara today. The game is not part of the Arland series, which included the previous three Atelier Rorona, Totori and Meruru games. It will have a new character designer. At the event, director Yoshito Okamura promised that the new character designer will deliver some charming illustrations, but he did not share the designer's name.

The game's main character, shown at the event in silhouette form, will be voiced by Marina Inoue. She delivered a video message at the event. In attendance at the event next to Okamura was voice actress Mariya Ise. She will have the role of the main character's sister. The sister relationship will be a major part of the game.

The theme of the new Atelier game is "The Promise Begins." There are many meanings to this theme. Explained Okamura, these include "The promise between the main character and her sister, and the promise that the developers will offer something interesting to the players."

Details on Project A14 will be announced on March 29. The issue of Dengeki PlayStation that's due out on that day will have the details. The magazine will also include the Gust Secret Book that was handed out to attendees of the event. This includes a product code with a custom theme for Project A14 and a PlayView presentation for your PS3 and PSP showing Surge Concerto and Project A14.

Gust shared the silhouette image with the press, but an attendee at today's event was apparently able to grab a more revealing image. We should get official artwork on the 29th, or possibly sooner if Dengeki PlayStation has its expected teaser reveal this week.

Possibly unrelated to the new Atlier game (since it's due out in June), Okamura also made mention of a Gust stage event that will be held in July.

Vist Dengeki Online for a look at the stage event.

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