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Rejected Fire Emblem Awakening Ideas

Fire Emblem Mars and Fire Emblem 2011 didn't make the cut.


Would you play a Fire Emblem game set in modern times? Or how about a Mars setting for the classic strategy franchise?

These were some of the ideas that were suggested when Fire Emblem Awakening started development. Producer Hitoshi Yamagami refers to the modern Fire Emblem as "Fire Emblem 2011."

The development staff at Intelligent Systems and Nintendo provided some insights into the development of this brand new Fire Emblem game in the latest Iwata Asks column.

A big group for this latest Iwata Asks column.

Yamagami and Intelligent Systems project manager Higuchi Masahiro were thinking about what would end up being Fire Emblem Awakening game during the development of DS remake Fire Emblem: Shin Monsho no Nazo. They were planning on making a new game, and even considered using a different world or even modern times. In the end, they decided to instead make the game into a compilation of sorts for the series, bringing together all the good elements of past titles.

As with most Iwata Asks columns, this one is filled with fun little insight's about the game's development. For instance, character designer and illustrator Yusuke Kozaki remarked that this is the first time he's had to design so many characters for a game. Initially, someone at Nintendo contacted him via his homepage and asked if he could design around 60 or so characters. "Is this for a Fire Emblem game?" replied Kozaki. However, he was told that the identity of the game had to be kept secret.

View the full interview at Nintendo.co.jp. This is the first of a multi part interview series on the game.

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