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First Look: Final Fantasy XIII-2 x Mass Effect 3 and New Coliseum Monsters


Famitsu.com has posted a first screenshot of Final Fantasy XIII-2's Mass Effect 3 collaborative costumes. The Noel and Serah "N7 Armor" costumes will be available for PS3 and Xbox 360 on March 27, priced ¥300 and 240MSP.

Here's a screenshot along with comparison pics from Mass Effect 3:

The site also posted first pics of the game's Orthos and Typhon coliseum monsters. These two creatures are part of a single monster group. Beat down on Orthos and Typhon will eventually appear.

Orthos and Typhon will also be available on the 27th, priced ¥400 on PS3 and 320MSP on Xbox 360.

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