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First Look: Dunamis 15 PSP

Check out the new scenarios in 5pb's even more multiplatform adventure game.


5pb.'s multiplatform visual novel/adventure game Dunamis 15 will soon appear on its third platform. Following releases on PS3 and xbox 360 last September, the game will next be released for PSP with a release planned for some time this year.

Dunamis 15 is split into 5 chapters each told from a different character's perspective, a system called the "Multi Sight System." Each chapter takes place over the same time period. This is part of the game's setting, as the world exists in a loop where the same time period is repeated over and over. The characters are attempting to break free from this loop.

Famitsu.com has a first look at the PSP version, which adds at least two new scenarios. One new episode tells a key story from eleven years back. The other is an after scenario showing Nanao and Natsuki's exploits having escaped from Dunamis Base.

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