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Squenix CEO Yochi Wada Leaves Post as CESA Chairman

Namco Bandai's Shin Unozawa taking over as face of Tokyo Game Show organizer.


Yoichi Wada is not only CEO of Square Enix. He's also chairman of the Computer Entertainment Supplier's Association, or as it's more commonly known, CESA.

That's about to change. CESA announced today that Wada will be leaving his chairman post on May 23. Taking his place will be Namco Bandai's vice president Shin Unozawa.

Wada has been CESA chairman since May 2006. When speaking at CESA organized events like the annual Tokyo Game Show, he usually speaks from this role rather than as Square Enix CEO.

CESA did not say why Wada is stepping down from his chairman role. He will continue to serve on the CESA board.

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