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Street Fighter x Tekken Collaborative Food Stuffs at Capcom Bar


Capcom is celebrating the release of Street Fighter x Tekken with a collaborative menu at the Capcom Bar in Shinjuku. As with past Street Fighter collaborative menus (surely you remember the Chinese food tie-ups for SFIV), the items are themed around specific characters, or in this case groups of characters.

Here's the lineup, which will be available at Capcom Bar from today through April 25.

Ryu x Kazuya -- Hadouken/Raijinken: ¥780

Chun-Li x Xiaoyu -- Annin Doufu/Mango Pudding: ¥680

Gouki x Ogre -- Keema/Green Curry: ¥780

Bob x Rufus -- Beef/Pork Pizza: ¥1280

Chun Li -- Prawn Chili Fried Rice: ¥980

Dhalsim -- Yoga Flame Ball: ¥780

Ken -- Fire Shoryuken: ¥780

Guile -- Sonic Boom: ¥780

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