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Tokitowa: Meet the Heroines of Imageepoch's PS3 RPG


Imageepoch's new PS3 RPG Tokitowa begins with you and heroine Toki about to get hitched. But despite this premise, Imageepoch still managed to fit multiple heroines into the game.

Famitsu.com has a first look at three:

Enda (CV: Aoi Yuuki)

Enda is Toki's junior at their school. Although simple and innocent, once she develops affections for someone, there's no stopping her!

Reijo (CV: Yukana)

Toki's rich childhood friend. She seems to be behaving strangely to Toki of late, possibly related to Toki's marriage.

Wedi (CV: Mamiko Noto)

She oversaw the wedding of Toki and the main character. She truly wants Toki to be happy.

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