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Second Bravely Default Flying Fairy Demo Detailed


The upcoming issue of Jump has first details on the second demo for Square Enix's 3DS RPG Bravely Default Flying Fairy. This one is titled "Demo Vol.2: Heroes of Despair Volume."

Jump does not provide an availability date. However, when Jump shared the name of the first demo on February 25, we got the demo on February 29. Assuming Square Enix is maintaining the same PR schedule, we could get this second demo as early as the 29th.

Tales Source, which gets Jump in advance, also reports that the magazine introduces a new character, a boy named Tiz Oria. Voiced by Mitsuki Saiga, Tiz miraculously managed to survive the huge calamity that left a giant hole in the continent -- the event that is central to the Bravely Default story. He decides to help Anies find a way to stop the coming darkness.

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