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Ragnarok Odyssey's online multiplayer expansion hits today. Gung-Ho sent out some screens from the expansion, and also provided details on future expansions.

Today's expansion adds full online play support (the game was initially ad-hoc only), Near support for trading items and cards, screenshot functionality, and a number of smaller features.

In addition to the expansion, the screens below show the game's first round of download quests. Four quests will be available on April 12.

Gung-Ho also updated the Ragnarok Odyssey interview page with video interviews where the developers discuss two future expansions, Expansion 2 and Expansion 3.

Expansion 2 will include a desert stage from Ragnarok Online, additional monsters, 10 new quests, and will be released by the end of April. Expansion 2 will also do away with previous limitations that kept the variety of enemies in a given quest low.

Expansion 3 will add even more quests, possibly above 10, and such features as macros for chatting and additional face and hair parts.

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