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Phantasy Star Online 2 Screenshots

Screens from the closed beta version, the character creation demo, and the Vita and smartphone versions.


Accompanying today's Phantasy Star Online 2 announcements, Sega released over 70 screenshots. The shots show many of the new elements from the upcoming closed beta, including new weapons, mags, a new lobby, a new field new items, and story scenes.

In addition to the PC version screens, Sega also shared screens of an upcoming PC character creation demo, new screens from the PlayStation Vita version, and first screens of the smartphone version.

PC Character Create Demo

This demo will be released on April 5 via the game's official website. You'll be able to create a character, which can then be used in the beta test later in the month. The beta also comes with benchmark functionality to test if your PC is ready for the beta. Sega will also be holding a character creation contest based off the demo.

Vita Version

Smartphone Version

Closed Beta Story Segments

Closed Beta New Boss

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