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Gamearts' Next PlayStation Vita Title is Side Scrolling Action

Transform into a hot guy and save the princess!


Following Ragnarok Odyssey, Gamearts' next PlayStation Vita game is Dokuro. While the new game as unveiled earlier this month through a teaser video, we haven't heard any details until now.

Dengeki PlayStation reveals this week that Dokuro is a side scrolling action game. Playing as Dokuro, you'll need to help a princess free her prison.

Dokuro can apparently transform into an "ikemen," which is a Japanese term for guys with good looks. When in ikemen state, he can hold the princess in his arms and perform attacks.

Images from the game's teaser trailer.

Dokuro is a package release. While we don't have a release time frame, Dengeki does reveal that Gamearts and publisher Gung-Ho are planning a demo.

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