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Orgarhythm -- A PS Vita Rhythm Game From Shenmue Programmer Tak Hirai


Tak Hirai was the main programmer on Shenmue and also worked on such classics as Space Channel 5 and Meteos. In September of 2010, he formed his own development outfit, Neilo.

The first major release from Neilo has been revealed in this week's Famitsu. Hirai will be trying out rhythm gaming again through a PlayStation Vita game called "Orgarhythm." The game will be released this summer through Acquire.

Orgarhythm is actually a new type of game that blends strategy and music. What that means isn't clear at present. According to Sinobi, which gets Famitsu in advance, Hirai explained to Famitsu that it's rare nowadays to see a game that's so difficult to understand. The game is so different that there were a variety of reactions even internally at Neilo.

We have just one gameplay bit: the game will have cooperative and competitive multiplayer play.

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