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Atelier Ayesha Uses 3D Modeling For Event Scenes

Gust ups its modeling technology for latest Atelier game.

From Atelier Meruru. We'll hopefully get a first look at Atelier Ayesha later this week.

Gust has been improving its 3D modeling work with each Atelier series release. For Atelier Ayesha, in development for PlayStation 3 release this June, Gust's 3D tech promises to be better than ever, with more detail, motion and facial expressions. Gust will even be making the switch to full 3D models for event scenes.

In addition to the tech talk, Famitsu's first report on the game this week has some gameplay details:

The Connect the Memories system that we mentioned in our Dengeki writeup is said to be an evolved version of the Development System from Atelier Meruru. It will be more closely tied into the story.

Also mentioned yesterday, the game's battle system has a "cost" element. Depending on the cost of the move you make, your character's turn order will change. The battle system also adds a time element.

One of the concepts for the game is "image change." While Gust believes that it could take the same direction and be well received to an extent, this would do gradual harm to the series. So, they're trying out a different approach. They're hoping to make a pure fantasy Atelier game, and promise to offer a new type of enjoyment.

We'll likely get a first look at Atelier Ayesha either tomorrow or later in the week, so be sure and check back!

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