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First Look: Orgarhythm

PlayStation Vita's strategy rhythm game from the main programmer of Shenmue.


Famitsu.com has shared our first screens of Orgarhythm, the first major game release from Neilo, a new studio formed by Shenmue main programmer Tak Hirai.

Orgarhythm blends strategy and rhythm gameplay. You play as a god and defeat enemies by issuing well-timed commands, to fire people, water people and earth people. The game starts off with a bass track, but as you issue commands, more and more tracks are added, until you reach a total of five tracks.

You'll have access to over 100 skills (what these are used for isn't clear at present). Other mysterious elements include "Influence Map" and "Heat Map." These appear to involve the enemy AI remembering how you defeated them, and selecting a different attack route the next time you play.

The game will have a multiplayer component, with 1 to 2 player co-op and competitive support via ad-hoc.

Orgarhythm will be released in the summer, priced ¥3,990 at retail. Pricing for the game's download version is TBA.

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