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There's plenty to do in Dragon Quest X even when you're not out battling Slimes with your fellow online party members. Square Enix detailed a couple of side offerings today: housing and medal collection.


A residential area.

We previously detailed the "residential area" that exists in each of the game's major cities. You can purchase a lot of land in one of these areas and ask the property manager to help you build a house.

The residential areas have all the things you'd need for life in a Dragon Quest game, including a church. There's also a bazaar and a post office. As the game's audience grows, the area will expand to include many streets.

The property manager (left) and the interface for selecting where you'd like to go in the residential area (right).

Building your house involves purchasing a house kit. You'll also want to obtain furniture parts from around town and other lands. When deciding on your house's internal layout and external appearance, you may want to enlist the help of experts from around town.

Visiting your friends' homes.

Medal Collection

As you explore the world of Dragon Quest X, you'll find mysterious items known as "Small Medals." If you find one these, take them to the "Medal Owner," a person who collects medals and lives on his very own island. In exchange for your medals, the Medal Owner will give you precious items that could aid in your quest.

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