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Dragon Quest Monsters Terry's Wonderland 3D Screenshots


This new batch of Dragon Quest Monsters Terry's Wonderland 3D media includes looks at the game's wireless component and some monsters and skills that are new for the remake.


The game has support for multiplayer combat via both local and internet play. During local play, up to eight players can get together for a Grand Prix, where everyone splits into two groups.

Joining the local and Wi-Fi play, the game also has Street Pass support. Using Street Pass, you'll be able to scout monsters from passers by and engage in Street Pass Battles.

You can also exchange your profile data via Street Pass. Before carrying your 3DS around, you'll want to set up your profile with your Mii as an avatar.

New Skills

New skills for this latest screenshot blast include:

Steal your opponent's tension.
Swap a like-sized monster with your opponent.
A counter move where, at the end of the round, you perform all the attacks your opponent performed on you.

New Monsters

New monsters that did not appear in the original include Kamacchi (from Dragon Quest IX), Double Eater (from DQV), Koutetsu Majin (from DQVII), Rhino Soldier (from DQIV), Death Taratnula (from DQIX) and Kotobukino.

Having difficulty recognizing Kotobukino (in the lower right)? That's because he's making he's a new monster from Dragon Quest X!

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