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The Meaning of Bravely Default

Find out what the name means and how the Steins;Gate scenario writer got involved.


Were you under the assumption that Square Enix selected the title for its new 3DS RPG Bravely Default Flying Fairy by just randomly picking out words from the dictionary? It turns out that, just like a seemingly nonsensical Tetsuya Nomura Kingdom Hearts subtitle, there is some sense to the Bravely Default name -- or at least part of it.

In a recent Famitsu interview the game's scenario writer Naotaka Hayashi, of Steins;Gate fame (he's the one in the grey t-shirt in Famitsu's article), and producer Tomoya Asano explained the meaning of the Bravely Default part. The concept of the game's scenario, said Asano, is expressed in the Bravely Default title. It means "Have courage and renounce the promises and responsibilities that are expected of you." In other words, don't just blindly do what you're told, act according to your will.

You may be able to see how "Bravely" and "Default" can come from that. Unfortunately, the two did not discuss the meaning of the Flying Fairy part of the title.

The interview also touched upon how Hayashi became involved in the project. Things first began when assistant producer Shinji Takahashi recommended that Asano try out Steins;Gate. Asano wanted Bravely Default to have appealing and likable characters and a scenario that surprised players. He found these qualities in Steins;Gate, and asked 5pb., Takahashi's employer, if it would be possible.

Hayashi's role involves such things as creating the plot and the character settings. While he's splitting up some of the more detailed work with Square Enix and developer Silicon Studio, he's writing much of the text.

Square Enix made some requests of Hayashi, with Asano emphatically stating that he wanted emphasis placed on the characters. Asano explained that he wanted the bad guys and good guys alike to have appeal. He also asked Hayashi to make the target age a bit higher. In the end, he believes the game's world setting became deep and rich.

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