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Square Enix released a new batch of screenshots for Bravely Default Flying Fairy today. The screens show main character Tiz, a few new areas of the world, and also provide a glimpse at the game's battle system.

Tiz is a kind and just 16-year-old who somehow manages to survive when his home town is sucked into a giant hole that opens up in the ground. He meets the game's heroine, Anies, who's out to stop the invading darkness that follows the disaster. Setting off on his journey with Anies, Tiz is deeply saddened that he was unable to save his sole relative, his little brother.

The world shots show a kingdom in the center of a desert which houses a shrine for the wind crystal. The kingdom developed through wind power, but now the wind has stopped, and power is attained through day and night manual labor. The people also struggle because of rampant piracy and control of water by corporate interests.

As for the battle screens, Square Enix shared just a couple of shots and teased that the game will have some new elements on top of the standard turn-based fare. Details will be shared in the next update.

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