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Sega Announces Sega Ages Online Series

Classic Sega titles coming to Xbox Live Arcade and PSN


Sega will be reviving its "Sega Ages" brand as Sega Ages Online, a series of retro releases on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network. The series will kick off in the Spring.

Sega Ages Online offers recreations of the original titles, with both domestic and international versions included. On top of the originals, players will find some new features, including a juke box music playback mode, replay saving, Trophy and Achievement support, and a Trial Mode that supports world rankings based off score and time. The games will automatically upload your ranking data, along with the replay data for top playes.

Six titles will be released this Spring: Alex Kidd Miracle World, The Super Shinobi, Super Hang-On (compatible with stereoscopic 3D), Wonder Boy Monster Land, Wonder Boy V Monster World III and Monster World IV. These will be priced ¥600 each on PS3. On Xbox 360, the games will be grouped into two sets of three titles, Alex Kidd, Shinobi and Hang-On in one set and the Wonder Boy games in the other set. Each set is priced 800 Microsoft Points.

The PS3 and Xbox 360 versions also have different menu interfaces. View the menus and more in the screenshot gallery below.

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