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Square Enix Unveils Crystal Conquest

Browser game begins service this summer.


Square Enix took the veil off its latest browser game today. Titled Crystal Conquest, the free-to-play "real time battle strategy game" will begin service on Yahoo! Games this summer.

While Square Enix's press release refers to Crystal Conquest as a "real time battle strategy game," a FAQ at the official site clarifies that it's actually a team-based side scrolling action game with support for 20 vs 20 battles (12 vs 12 in the alpha test). Players play as one of four classes and make use of skills and summons to defeat the their enemies.

The "strategy" mentioned by Square Enix may come in part from the pre-battle preparations you do in the lobby. You'll need to equip your warrior with powerful skills by assembling a Skill Deck and Wild Card Skill Deck in advance.

This is the big summer game Square Enix was teasing last week. Access the official site here for details on an upcoming alpha test.

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