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Sony Announces New Hots Shots Games, Gravity Rush Meat Costume and Reality Fighters Movie Conversion


It may be early early Sunday, but somebody is working at Sony Computer Entertainment. The PlayStation official site was updated with a bunch of new product announcements.

New Hot Shots games are on the way. Here's first artwork for Everbody's Kabaddi, Everbody's Gateball and Everybody's Sumo.

While we're still waiting for the Gravity Rush maid outfit, Sony has released two previously unannounced outfits. See Kat in an Onion Dress and Meat Dress here:

Finally, the long awaited Reality Fighters movie conversion. The movie will have a moving story focusing on high school student Kitaon, who meets a karate master and gains strength through training. The entire movie is presented in Augmented Reality.

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