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MMV is developing a sequel to 3DS busty female ninja action game Senran Kagura. Titled Kagura: Aoaki no Shonentachi, the sequel replaces the busty female ninjas with relatively bust free male ninjas. But aside from that, it's basically the same game.

Reads the text at the site: "On that day, we still did not know the cruel fate that awaited us." Not only do the characters look like the original Senran Kagura cast, but they have similar names: Asuno, Iruka, Kinjou, Hagakure and Barry.

According to the official Kagura blog, Kagura: Aoaki no Shonentachi's planning was started before Senran Kagura, but was rejected because the producers thought it needed breasts to sell. However, the staff continued making the game in secret.

Kagura: Aoaki no Shonentachi is in development for an undisclosed platform for release in 201X. Access the official site here.

Just imagine what the novelty mouse pads for this game will be like!

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