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Final Fantasy Versus XIII Song Appears as DLC For Theatrhythm Final Fantasy


Before you'll play Final Fantasy Versus XIII on your PlayStation 3, you'll hear one of its songs on your 3DS. Square Enix will release a FF Versus XIII song as download content for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy. The song, Somnus, is played in a field music stage.

If you've been keeping up with Versus XIII since its announcement many, many years back, you'll probably recognize the song. Here's a sample:

Somnus will be available on April 4 along with Final Fantasy II's Madoushi no Tou (field music), Final Fantasy VI's Sentou (battle music) and Final Fantasy IX's Hametsu e no Shisha (battle music).

You'll find music samples of the other songs below. These music sample clips are all placed against a static Theatrhythm logo. Square Enix usually releases an actual video trailer of the DLC the day of release.

Final Fantasy II Madoushi no Tou

Final Fantasy VI Sentou

Final Fantasy IX Hametsu e no Shisha

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