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Fire Emblem Awakening will be the the first Nintendo package 3DS game to have paid download content. Sounds like something CEO Satoru Iwata would want to bring up during the game's Iwata Asks column.

Iwata did just that in a column that was posted today.

Genki Yokota, director on the Nintendo side of the project, revealed that the topic of download content came up towards the end of the project when development was nearing completion. It was a bit tight in terms of scheduling, so instead of the producer saying "Let's add download content," he said something closer to "So, should we add download content?"

Due to how late the request arrived, they weren't able to do things like remove passages from the main game or make adjustments to passages in the game. This may not have been a problem, as Iwata noted that one concern when making a game compatible with download content is that you have to make sure you have enough built into the main game so that you absolutely will not hear criticism that the game is too lacking in content for those who don't buy the DLC.

Kohei Maeda, director on the Intelligent Systems side of the project, said that they're currently in the process of making the download content, and they will keep on making more from here on out.

Elsewhere in the interview, the staff discussed some of the game's non-paid download content. Players will receive a "Spot Pass Team" on a nearly daily basis. This team will consist of characters made in the image of past Fire Emblem characters. You'll be able to fight them, make them into allies, and so-forth. You can expect to receive around 120 teams through Spot Pass. View a video of the Spot Pass support here.

Separate from the download content support, the staff also discussed the game's optional first person view mode. This was added because the staff thought it would would go well with the 3D. View a movie of the 3D mode here.

The column also touched upon the game's love elements. For a summary of what Iwata and the game's staff had to say about this area, see this story.

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