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Killer is Dead Detailed

Suda 51's latest is about love.

We'll hopefully get a first look at Killer is Dead later this week. Shown: No More Heroes Red Zone on PS3.

A few additional bits about Grasshopper Manufacture's Killer is Dead have surfaced from Weekly Famitsu. The magazine has a first look at the game this week, with a few story details and an interview with Suda 51.

As we reported earlier based off preliminary Famitsu details, Killer is Dead is an original game. It's not a sequel to Killer 7, although it does promise to retain the essence of Suda's past "assassin" games.

The game's main character has a profession known as "Executioner." He goes around the world putting an end to S level criminals. (This description is totally different from our original report, where we said that the game makes you into a prisoner out to kill your executioner. That was incorrect.)

Famitsu has just one vague bit about gameplay. We can expect sword action akin to No More Heroes. However, the game will also have new systems.

Killer is Dead is being developed by Grasshopper Manufacture and will be published by Kadokawa Games. This is the same pairing that is bringing us Lollipop Chainsaw. Famitsu lists Yoshimi Yasuda as executive producer and Suda 51 as executive director. Suda is also in charge of the game's scenario.

The magazine's interview with Suda reveals that planning for the game began at the end of 2009. Actual development did not start until Spring 2011, though. The game is currently quite early. Development of a prototype is either complete or nearing completion. The first draft of the game's scenario has just been completed.

The key words for the game, said Suda, are "Moon and Earth." The main character will visit a variety of places in order to fight his enemies. These enemies apparently have something to do with the Moon.

Despite the mention of "Moon" as a key word, the game is not science fiction. It's set in an extension of modern times.

Other keywords and themes include "Brilliant Game" and "Love." Love is an important theme for the game, said Suda, because the main character has someone he wants to protect, and he's fighting for this. The idea of "How far can you protect someone" is central to the story.

Killer is Dead will be released on PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2013.

[Via Sokuho]

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