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Gilgamesh Joined By Koyo-Koyo in Final Fantasy XIII-2's Coliseum Mode

More collaborative costumes on the way for XIII-2. Shown here, the recent Mass Effect outfits.

We previously reported that Gilgamesh will appear in Final Fantasy XIII-2's Coliseum Battle mode as part of the game's fifth download content. He won't be alone. Arriving simultaneously will be the alien-like enemy Koyo-Koyo.

Weekly Famitsu has details on both downloadable foes. Gilgamesh becomes an Attacker if you manage to make him into a party member. The chance of this is 25.15%. Koyo-Koyo will become a Healer, but he has just a 10% crystalization rate, so getting him may be tough.

Both monsters will arrive on April 10. Gilgamesh is priced ¥400/480MSP. Koyo-Koyo is ¥200/240MSP.

Noel's Assassin's Creed "Ezio" costume and Serha's Exposure and Defense costumes are also due out on the 10th. The Elzo costume is ¥300/360MSP. Exposure and Defense, a costume designed (and briefly worn) by an AKB48 member, will be free.

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