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Tokitowa Screenshots

Our best look yet at Imageepoch's animation-heavy PS3 RPG.


This new batch of high resolution Tokitowa screenshots shows three of the game's heroines, whom we previously introduced. See this story for details on Enda, Reijo and Wedi.

The screens also include what appears to be a key event scene, with the main character passed out on the floor at his wedding and Princess Toki, his bride, calling out some sort of spell in reaction to this.

Princess Toki somehow ends up being sucked into another dimension. Fortunately, she loses her clothes in the process.

The screenshots include just one battle screenshot, but this is our first glimpse at the battle interface. The three items listed to the upper right appear to be spells, including Lightning Bolt and Holy Light.

You'll have to speculate about the meaning of the other gauges for now, as Imageepoch has yet to share gameplay specifics.

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Icons by Glyphicons. Used under CC-BY license.