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Dragon Quest X: Meet the Tiny Puku Land Residents and the Latest Monsters


Following a few weeks of focusing on the ogres of Ogleed, Square Enix has turned its attention to a new Dragon Quest X race, the Pukuripo tribe of Puku Land.

Here are some of the key Pukuripos you'll encounter in this online Dragon Quest game.


A boy who lives in Pukulet, a small village in Puku Land. He's a scaredy cat, but he adores you and appears to be one of the keys to your adventure.


A boy from Pukulet who apparently likes to bite things.


Navelette is mayor of a town called Orphere. He's also head of the town's circus.

Inspector Pakure

An officer who protects the peace in Orphere. The town is quite peaceful, so he doesn't really have much to do. However, trouble does seem to be abrewin', and he tries to get a jump on things.

Joining the Puku Land residents, Square Enix provided a look at the latest monsters, including Cat Bat, Slime Tower and Gigantis. You'll also find screens of a job-specific quest for the minstrel job. View the screens in the gallery below.

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