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Mickey Mouse at a Kingdom Hearts 3D promotional event in Odaiba a couple of weeks before release.

Media Create's analysis of its sales stats for the week reveals a 64.2% sell-through for Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance. This means that the game sold 64.2% of stock.

The firm reported first week sales of 213,579 units for Dream Drop Distance yesterday. The game failed to reach the 295,000 units and 72.35% sell-through of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days on DS, but Media Create notes that 3DS has sold just 5.5 million units at present, compared to the 26.6 million units sold by the DS at the time of 358/2 Days' release in May 2009.

Media Create also reveals that pre-orders for Dream Drop Distance were much higher than those of 358/2 Days. The 3DS title managed 150,000 pre-orders. 358/2 Days managed just 90,000. This, according to Media Create, indicates that Dream Drop Distance may have succeeded in reaching the series' core fans.

The other big game for the week was Pro Baseball Spirits 2012, which was released on PS3, PSP and Vita simultaneously. The PS3 version dominated with 90,433 units. PSP followed with 60,141 units, with Vita selling 17,264 units. These figures are similar to last year's installment, which sold 86,000 units on PS3, 71,000 on PSP and 12,000 on 3DS. Konami did not release a 3DS version this year.

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