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Joining today's official announcement of Nayuta no Kiseki's July 26 release date, Falcom gave the game's official site a full opening. Access the site for... well, not much yet, but there are sections for world view, characters, system, movie and special.

The character section is mostly silhouettes, except for the girl we've been seeing on the site's front page thus far. Unfortunately, the site does not provide an introduction.

Falcom also provided a glimpse at the game's bonus items. The first print run will include the "Acoustic Live DVD Collection Falcom jdkTV" DVD featuring music from Falcom sound unit jdk. As a pre-order bonus, Falcom will include a Shining Pom case. As retail bonuses, Falcom will include an original mini soundtrack. The jacket for the soundtrack will differ depending on the retailer.

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