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First details on Falcom's new Legend of Heroes title Nayuta no Kiseki have surfaced at Bic Camera.com. The site quickly pulled the details, but you can see a cached version here.

Here's what the listing says:

Nayuta no Kiseki will have all the qualities of the Sora no Kiseki, Ao no Kiseki and Zero no Kiseki games as far as a detailed world view and epic story development. The game's genre is action RPG.

Three types of actions are mentioned in the retail listing: skills (sword skills), Arts ("Four Seasons Magic") and Gear Craft (special abilities). The game will have a simple control scheme, with each of these actions used via a single button press.

The game has a seasonal change system. Players can freely change the season of the game's world, Lost Heaven, between spring, summer, fall and winter. The look of the world, background music, enemies and strategy all change in accordance with the season. The map for each season was created from scratch. This season system appears to be a major point for the game, as it ties in to the story as well.

Event scenes include the usual portrait visuals, but also include camera work, full character body movement, and full voice.

Customization options include costumes and equipment. These have visual effect on your character.

Items that you've collected from treasure boxes and fallen foes can be taken to your home town of Nokosare Island where they will be put on display in a museum. The museum will gradually grow and become more elaborate. You'll find over 100 items, including fossils, insects, fish and treasurs.

Other features mentioned in the listing include sub quests, secret elements that appear only in the second play through, and "stage missions."

Falcom has been a bit shy with Nayuta no Kiseki details since the game's announcement late last year. Retail listings usually mean the start of promotions for a game. With this and the recent release date announcement, it's possible that we'll be getting a steady stream of updates shortly.

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