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Meet Your Miss Yakuza 5 Candidates

The 15 girls who will market the next Yakuza game get their 15 minutes.


Sega has selected the fifteen finalists for the Miss Yakuza 5 competition. Three girls each from Sapporo, Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka and Fukuoka made it into the final round, and you'll get to select the winning girl for each city.

The winning five will help promote Yakuza 5 later this year through commercials and other events. The final results will be announced in early July.

View videos and pics of the girls at the Miss Yakuza 5 official audition site and at the audition Facebook page.

The official site will also be hosting a series of videos featuring the 15 finalists. First up is this digest video of the auditions:

Since I have nothing better to do, I'll post profiles of the girls below:


Sana Ito / 伊東 さな

A 25-year-old gravure idol who uses her G-cup body as a weapon. Her special skills include kendo and wrapping gyoza quickly.

Kaori Okamoto / 岡本 香織

A 19-year-old student at a beauty college. She also works at an izakaya. Her special skill is the piano. She likes music, shopping and doing her nails.

Mami Yamashita / 山下 まみ

A 24-year-old actress whose special skill is sleeping while standing up. She likes watching anime, playing UFO catcher, and taking unplanned trips.


Yuiko Kan / 菅 由彩子

This 27-year-old is a model, actress and talent. She likes reading, watching movies, taking walks and scuba diving. Her special skills include piano and tennis.

Sakura Kiryu / 桐生 さくら

Yes, this 23-year-old's last name is Kiryu like the Yakuza series main character. Sakura's job is "sexy talent." She likes games, shopping and karaoke, and is skilled at cooking and snowboarding.

Maaya Morinaga / 守永 真彩

A 27-year-old idol and college student. Her special skills include singing, dancing and calligraphy. She likes taking walks along the river and doing nothing at a coffee shop.


Miki Murai / 村井 美希

A 24-year-old who works at a pachinko hall. Her true form is a beautiful fashion model. She likes shopping and walking and is good at singing.

Ibuki Yamada / 山田 伊吹

A 22-year-old model and night club DJ. She likes writing and reading blogs.

Emiko Ieda / 家田 絵美子

A 22-year-old model who appears on magazine covers and MCs on the radio. She likes writing short stories.


Marina Suzuki / 鈴木 まりな

An 18-year-old high school talent, idol and model. She likes dancing, DJing, piano, viewing maps and exploring train stations.

Nanako Kodama / 児玉 菜々子

A 24-year-old talent and gravure idol. She likes reading and drawing.

Yuu Maeda / 前田 ゆう

A 22-year-old who likes to eat, sleep, sing, play puzzle games and... smell towels?


Rena Nanami / 七海 れな

26-year-old who likes watching movies, shopping, traveling and playing with cats and dogs. Her special skill includes Japanese dance.

Aoi / 葵子

A 26-year-old hostess who loves games and cosplay. She's good at piano, yoga and Japanese dance.

Kotoko Ootsu / 大津 琴子

A 24-year-old talent and nurse who has a love of bones. She like to tap bones, sing about bones and speak about bones. Her special skill includes winking fast -- 30 times in a second. She's also good at foot massages, balloon art and spinning umbrellas and plates.

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