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Nippon Ichi Readying 20th Anniversary RPG

Mystery title features character designs from Noizi Ito.


Dengeki has first details on a new Nippon Ichi game this week. The publisher is readying a new RPG that it's currently labeling as just "20th Anniversary Title."

This new game has character designs by Noizi Ito. Other staff members include CEO Shuhei Shinkawa as producer and Masahiro Yamamoto as director.

Characters include main character Renya and heroine Ririel. No gameplay details have leaked out yet.

Even with this new RPG, it appears that Nippon Ichi isn't done announcing new titles yet. The publisher will announce another new game in May.

Correction: A previous version of this story listed the new game as being in development for PlayStation 3. Nippon Ichi has not yet announced the platform.

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