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Details on Nayuta no Kiseki, Falcom's new PSP Legend of Heroes game that doesn't have Legend of Heroes in its title, debuted earlier in the week via a retailer. Dengeki PlayStation this week confirms some of those details, and also provides us with first character info.

Nayuta no Kiseki's main character is 15-year-old Nayuta Herschel, voiced by Kaori Mizuhashi.

The magazine also introduces Noi, voiced by Ai Kayano. Noi, whose silhouette at the official site looks a bit like Hatsune Miku, is apparently just 30 centimeters tall, so perhaps she's a fairy. She has pink hair and meets Nayuta midway through the adventure.

Also appearing this week is Signa, voiced by Kenichi Suzumura. Signa is a sword master and Nayuta's childhood friend.

Dengeki also has gameplay details, confirming that the game will have realtime action battles, with intense boss battles. Character visuals will change when you change your equipment. The game is said to be the ultimate show of Falcom's action gameplay, and will also push the PSP's visuals to the limit.

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