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Falcom CEO on Nayuta no Kiseki, Ys Vita and Unannounced Games

Artwork from Nayuta no Kiseki's official site. Falcom is at last starting to open up about the latest PSP Legend of Heroes game.

Dengeki PlayStation has an interview with Falcom CEO Toshihiro Kondo this week. Kondo shares details on Falcom's latest PSP title Nayuta no Kiseki, along with some intriguing teases about two future titles.

We shared some of the details on Nayuta no Kiseki earlier today (see this story). Here are some additional bits from the interview and the magazine's feature on the game:

  • Nayuta no Kiseki has been in development for two years.
  • It does not have any ties with past Legend of Heroes games, so they kept the Legend of Heroes name out of the title.
  • The world of the game's setting is not a spherical planet. It has an end. What lies beyond the end is unknown.
  • The game's real time action battle system has the main character and a partner character perform combination attacks. You primarily control Nayuta, but you can also give orders to a partner character.
  • When attacking, you will get the feeling that you're controlling two characters. However, the controls are not complicated.
  • The game's seasonal change system, which was mentioned in some recent retail leaks, will change not just the fields, but enemies and the effect of skills.
  • Boss battles are said to be the ultimate yet amongst Falcom titles. All boss battles are at the level of last boss fights.
  • The game's event scenes will have 3D characters, making them blend in seamlessly with gameplay. However, the game will also have animated movie scenes.
  • Those who are new to the Kiseki series (Trails in the Sky, etc.) will be able to enjoy themselves. Those who are experienced with the series and look closely will find themselves thinking "Ah, of course it's a Kiseki game."
Early artwork showing Nayuta no Kiseki's world.

Kondo also discusses some of Falcom's other works, including first mention of an unannounced game that will have a different form of visual expression from what we're used to seeing from Falcom's games. Regarding Ys Celceta Sea of Trees for Vita, Kondo said that the game's developers have been working on major improvements to the game's visuals and can't wait to show the result to players.

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