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Falcom CEO Talks Ys Vita and Legend of Heroes Sequels; Plus, the Latest on Nayuta no Kiseki

The Nayuta no Kiseki official site currently has artwork like this, and not much more. That will hopefully change soon.

We've heard little about PlayStation Vita's Ys Celceta Sea of Trees since its announcement at Tokyo Game Show last year. Falcom has finally started talking about the game this week, although just briefly as part of a larger look at PSP's Nayuta no Kiseki.

As we reported yesterday, Falcom CEO Toshihiro Kondo told Dengeki PlayStation that Ys has seen some major visual improvements since the TGS showing.

He made a similar statement to Weekly Famitsu. The game has evolved greatly from what was shown at TGS 2011, he said. We'll get a look at the game not too long after Nayuta no Kiseki's release, he added. The staff is working with the determination to release the game some time this year.

Kondo also commented on Falcom's plans for the Kiseki series. This is the series that includes Legend of Heroes Trails in the Sky and Nayuta no Kiseki. Of course, Nayuta no Kiseki does not have "Legend of Heroes" in the title. Kondo told Dengeki that this is because the game does not have ties to past games in the series. Future Kiseki games may have more connections with past Kiseki titles, though. Kondo revealed to Famitsu that the Falcom staff is also working on a game set in Zemuria, the land of the current Kiseki series titles.

Like Dengeki, Famitsu has a lengthy first look at Nayuta no Kiseki this week. Here's some of what's in the magazine's feature, based off Sokuho's summary:

  • The game's gameplay systems are being made taking into account of feedback from users who said the battle systems of past Kiseki games were boring and took too much time.
  • As we mentioned yesterday, the game's world is not spherical -- it has an end. The world's end is somewhere in the middle of the sea, and no one knows what lies beyond. Main character Nayuta's parents were investigating the end of the world, but they're now dead. One of Nayuta's reasons for heading out on his adventure is to clear up the mysteries of the end of the world.
  • The game's story begins with Nayuta returning to his home town, Nokosare Shima (literally "Left Behind Island") from his school for summer break. A massive ruins of some form falls on the island, and from there emerges Noi, who's come from a different world.
  • The basic gameplay consists primarily of controlling the Nayuta and Noi pair.
  • As you progress in the game, Nayuta will gain the ability to freely change the seasons. This is also one of the mysteries of the world.
  • The staff first made the game's boss fights. The bosses are not just large, but require strategy.

We still haven't gotten official screenshots of Nayuta no Kiseki, but with the game appearing in both Dengeki and Famitsu this week, our first online look will hopefully not be too far off.

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