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Pokemon Black & White 2: New Main Characters, New Town, New Everything!


Pokemon Black & White 2 may have a number in the title rather than a new set of colors, but it looks like the game is all new, with a completely new cast of characters, and a new location.

Coro Coro Comics has a first look at the new cast, including new male and female characters. As with Black & White, you can select between male and female characters. Both have a sporty look. The female lead has Princess Leia hair bunches.

Joining the two new leads are a new set of friends. Coro Coro introduces Rival, the main character's childhood friend (I'm not sure if "Rival" is actually his name). Also introduced is Akuroma, a mysterious man who appears to be a researcher who's conducting research into the strengths of Pokemon.

Two gym leaders are introduced in the magazine: Homika and Shizui. Homika is good with poison type Pokemon. Shizui is good with water type. As a bit of omake info, Coro Coro reveals that Homika will appear in the June 14 episode of the Black & White anime.

The game also has a new location. While it's still set in Isshu Region, you start off from the new town of Hiougi City, which is located in the South of Isshu. Facilities introduced in the magazine include your house, a viewing area that offers full views of the city, and a Pokemon Center and trainer's school. You can also expect to see new facilities.

Coro Coro also confirms the June 23 release date that leaked out of retailers last week. Both versions will be priced ¥4,800.

With a full Coro Coro reveal out of the way, we'll hopefully get some official online media for Pokemon Black & White 2 shortly. Check back over the coming weeks!

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