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Full voice isn't all that's new for Akiba's Trip Plus. The updated version of what was widely considered last year's best entry in the crowded Akihabara / vampire / little sister field also adds a new "Bashful Pose" element.

In Akiba's Trip, you're tasked with ridding Akihabara of vampire-like creatures who roam the street as seemingly ordinary denizens of the electronics capital. Your only weapon against the vampires is your "Strip Action" moves, which strip the vampires of their clothing, exposing them to the sun and making them melt to the netherworlds (also known as the basements where the Disney fan porn is kept -- seriously, never go downstairs!) from whence they came.

The Bashful Poses come in just before you've totally stripped the vampires of their clothing. In near naked state, they'll strike a bashful pose, like so:

They'll also say a bashful phrase of some form.

There are many types of poses and phrases. Acquire expects this to add to the fun of battle.

Acquire also announced the game's voice cast. If you care, visit 4Gamer for the details.

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