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Atelier Ayesha: Regina, Keithgrif and the New Item Synthesis System


This week's Atelier Ayesha media update offers a first look at new character Regina and Keithgrif, and an updated look at the game's item synthesis system.

Regina Curtis

  • Age 23
  • Blood Type O
  • Height 163cm
  • CV Fumie Mizusawa

Regina, Ayesha's friend from some time back, collects items from ruins and sell them. She was born into a wealthy family and had to look after her many brothers.

Keithgrif Hazeldine

  • Age 45
  • Blood Type AB
  • Height 180cm

Keithgrif is an alchemist from another country. He travels around ruins and ancient cities in pursuit of knowledge.

Updated Alchemy System

Atelier Ayehsa inherits the basics of its item synthesis system from past Atelier titles. You'll still gather materials and select a recipe. However, now you can add items midway through to change the effects.

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