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Secrets of Hatsunte Miku Arcade's Development

Miku was originally Virtua Fighter 5's Dural.


It's well known that Hatsune Miku Project Diva Arcade and Virtua Fighter share development staff and technology. A post today at the Hatsune Miku official blog reveals just how close the two franchises are connected.

Hatsune Miku Project Diva Arcade first began development with the idea of trying to draw Miku using the Virtua Fighter 5 engine. The staff quickly converted VF5's Dural model into a Project Diva model.

At the Summer 2009 Miku Fes, Sega showed a demo of Project Diva Arcade. This was the game running on the Lindbergh board using Virtua Fighter 5's program.

Eventually, Sega started a full Diva Arcade project. They branched the game's program off from VF5, changed the board to the newer Ringedge board, and quickly developed the game. They were able to develop the game in time for a debut at the Spring 2010 Miku fan event.

Look closely, and you may be able to see some of the changes from the Lindbergh Miku to the Ringedge Miku:

  • 1: Self Shadows became prettier
  • 2: The skin became prettier
  • 3: The pupils became deeper

Anti aliasing and camera motion blur were also added. These were difficult effects on the Lindbergh board.

Some of the effects and technology were taken from VF5, including ground mist and many tens of thousands of snow particles.

Effects borrowed from VF5.

Japanese readers will find even more details in the blog post.

One of the goals for the Miku team appears to be to achieve photo realistic rendering in a 3D CG world. Hatsune Miku Arcade is far from this, the blog post admits.

For the series' fan event, the artists attempted to create a realistic Miku who looked like she's there while still maintaining 60 frames per second output. This was the result:

The Miku team hopes that players will one day be able to encounter a Miku that looks as good as the stage event Miku.

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