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Conception: Make Babies With Your Friends' Girls


Spike's baby birthing and world saving RPG Conception has a wireless component. Connect to a friend's PSP via ad-hoc, and you can engage in "love ceremonies" with each others' maidens. The long and the short is, one of your girls may end up giving birth to your friend's baby.

In real life, letting your friend impregnate one of your girlfriends is not the social norm. But in Conception, there are some advantages. Spike says that ad-hoc lovin' is a good way to produce stronger star children, potentially aiding in battle.

Outside of cross PSP fertilization, one way to create better babies is to engage in "bond events" with your maidens. Select "Meet the Maiden" from the world menu, and you can select one of your twelve maidens for a bond event. These events can build your ties with the maiden, resulting in stronger children, but you're limited to three such events per week.

During some bond events, you may end up engaging in "touch communication." In these events, you're free to touch wherever your like. You'll of course want to touch where appropriate depending on the situation.

You can also give gifts to your maidens. Gifts can be purchased from the Gift Shops that you'll find around town. When buying a gift, you'll need to keep in mind what the target girl likes.

Once you've birthed some star children, you'll lead your child minions in random dungeons. While Mom(s) won't come with you, you'll always be able to stay in touch via your "Magic Communication" device.

Using this device, the maidens can contact you even when you're out in a dungeon. If you select to respond, the maiden's favor for you will rise. However, if the phone rings during battle, and you select to respond, you'll be defenseless for a while.

You may also end up getting a call from one girl while you're out on a bond even with another girl.

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