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Sony Announces Nasne, Successor to PS3 DVR Player Torne


Sony Computer Entertainment is taking its "Torne" digital video recorder technology to a new level with the newly announced "Nasne." Nasne is a network recorder and media storage device that features a built-in CS/BS tuner and a 500 gigabyte hard disk.

Different from Torne, a popular PlayStation 3 peripheral that gave the system DVR capabilities, Nasne is a standalone device. Connect Nasne to your home network, and you'll be able to share programs that you've recorded with your PS3, PS Vita, Vaio, Sony Tablet and Xperia. The device can stream to two devices simultaneously, even while the broadcast is currently being recorded.

Nasne also includes support for Sonet Entertainment's G Guide programming guide, which also powers Torne. Using your Vita, PC, smartphone or other mobile device, you'll be able to connect with your home Nasne device to set up recording reservations while on the go.

Accessing Nasne from your PS3 or Vita requires special apps. On PS3, the app is just Version 4.0 of the Torne viewing app that currently powers the Torne device. It will be bundled with Nasne. The PS3 app can register up to four Nasne recorders, and if you have a Torne device as well, you'll be able to get five programs recording simultaneously. The Vita app is titled Torne for PS Vita.

Sony Tablet, Xperia and Vaio also use special apps to access the Nasne device. On Vaio, the app is called Vaio TV With Nasne. Sony has not shared details on the apps for Xperia and Sony Tablet.

Nasne will be released on July 19, priced ¥16,980.

The Torne recorder will continue to exist alongside Nasne. Sony opened a page at the PS3 official site outlining the differences between the two. Among the differences:

  • Torne is terrestrial digital only. Nasne adds BS and CS.
  • Torne supports PSP and Vita. Nasne adds support for smartphones.
  • Torne is ¥9,980. Nasne is ¥16,980.

Torne and Nasne will both allow you to transfer videos to PSP and Vita for viewing on the go. Nasne's support for Vita will be added before the end of the year.

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