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Over 50 Characters For Home Tekken Tag Tournament 2


At Tekken Tag Tournament 2's home console unveiling a couple of weeks back, Namco Bandai hinted that the game would have additional characters over the arcade version. Famitsu reveals this week that we can expect a big boost to the roster. While the arcade version had 44 characters, the home version will have over 50.

Famitsu also has details on other areas of the home version. Most of the information was shared in an interview at Famitsu.com earlier today.

The magazine details the new Fight Lab mode. In this mode, you build up a robot. You'll have to play mini games and engage in boss fights. Clear these, and you'll get parts which can be used to customize your robot. Eventually, you'll end up with a robot decked out with parts and skills to your liking.

Famitsu also confirms that the game will have four player support and new battle fields.

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