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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Snow and Valfodr Download Content Detailed

Prepare for the Coliseum's "last boss."


A few additional details on Final Fantasy XIII-2's Snow and Valfodr download content have surfaced from Famitsu.com and our usual early Famitsu source, Sokuho@Hokanko.

As detailed earlier in the day, the Snow and Valfodr download content will be released on the May 15th. Famitsu does not list a price.

Snow will have a new episode. The idea behind the episode came from the game's female staffers, character modeling director Hideo Kubota told Famitsu. The episode, whose theme is "Don't fight for me," will show the feelings Snow and Serah have one for one-another.

Director Motomu Toriyama said that the episode will clear up some mysteries behind the coliseum itself. We'll also apparently learn about Snow's mission as a L'Cie.

Valfodr appears in the second half of Snow's episode. He appears to be quite the foe, with the ability to use weapons, magic and summons. You'll apparently have to defeat him multiple times throughout the episode. Each time, he comes back at higher level and with additional abilities.

According to Toriyama, Valfodr was added to the game with the idea of having him appear as something like the Coliseum's last boss. He's the strongest opponent you'll face in the Coliseum, and when at his maximum level is the most powerful monster in Final Fantasy XIII-2 as a whole.

Snow has a 30% crystal conversion rate (this indicates how easy it is to make him into a party member). Valfodr's rate depends on his level, but at maximum level the rate is 100% (which should give you an idea of how hard it will be to defeat him).

When in your party, Snow is an attacker with a focus on punches and kicks. Valfodr is a blaster with the same strength as an attacker. Among his learnable arsenal are Hellflame, Hellspark, Hellstorm and Hellfreezer.

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