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The full Time Travelers is due out some time this year.

Level-5's Guild 01 is four games in one... or so we've been told. It turns out that the game may have a fifth game, or at least part of one.

According to Sokuho@Hokanko's summary of this week's Famitsu, the magazine's preview of Guild 01 reveals that a demo of Time Travelers is locked away in the game. You'll need to clear certain conditions to access the demo.

Outside of this surprise, Famitsu has an introduction to the characters of Crimson Shroud, one of the collection's four games. We'll hopefully get an official online look later in the week.

Time Travelers was actually announced before Guild 01. An original adventure game from Jiro Ishii, the game was originally announced for 3DS, but is now multiplatform, with releases planned for PSP and Vita as well.

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